Surviving college relationships: types of guys girls should avoid

By on November 1, 2011

By Anna Meany–

The transition from dating in high school to college can be tricky and almost impossible to the average freshman male. Of course, I shouldn’t single out the fresh meat because there are plenty of upperclassmen who are incapable of charming the ladies either.

Unfortunately, weeding out the less than desirable candidates for relationships is more difficult than it seems. As freshmen, we’re bombarded with hundreds of new possibilities for relationships. It’s important to understand that one will have to deal with the most annoying breeds of men. From experience, these types of men are sure to leave you bothered; dealing with them is probably the best advice I can give.

You may bump into a guy who falls madly in love with every girl he speaks with. Indicators include, but are not limited to: excessive texting and unnecessary amount of usage of wink-faces, staring, drooling and constant nagging to meet up. Disgusting flattery and hard-to-accept compliments are sure to follow. Personally, I don’t enjoy the lovey relationship talk and behavior. This attached boy won’t take the first few hints that seem obvious to everyone else; commit to ignoring his texts and don’t fail to mention the imaginary other guy in your life.

Unfortunately, most girls crush on the ‘bad boy’ of campus. Forget leather jackets and motorcycles; the jerks that will break your heart may wear Sperrys and button-ups. Bad boys aren’t always the stereotypical rule-breakers. He’s going to have an amazing body and even more amazing things to talk about. Don’t be digging on his smooth words. His frat brothers can vouch that he’s, no doubt, a player. This new brand of man-slut will keep you wondering why he hasn’t texted you back. Step back when you first realize that you have very little in common. He’s probably just interested in what’s underneath your clothes.

The third most common brand of guy will attempt to impress you with his so-called skateboarding skills. He’s full of himself. That cute guy with tattoos and an insatiable desire to spread mono is the one to avoid. This guy will undoubtedly be too forward and you’ll feel totally pressured to get physical.

Exceptions to these foolish boys include sappy romantic novel-loving, World of Warcraft-playing, whipped freshmen. Stick around the nerd who just wants someone to play Magic: The Gathering with.

But honestly, why do we want boyfriends right now? Let’s wait for these boys to mature and make bank before we go choosing which ones to settle for.

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