Editorial: Extra class time will force students to adapt

By on October 26, 2011

With the recent announcement to add class time in order to maintain accreditation, many questions have arisen. The most obvious question is that of how to allot the extra class time required. The two apparent options are to either add a week to the school schedule or add five minutes to each class.

With each option having its pros and cons, the real question is, “which is the lesser of two evils?”

The choice could be paralleled to removing a bandage. We could “rip it off” and get it over with all at once by adding a week of classes.

This option would require an entire extra week on campus that could be spent at home, at the beach or sleeping, but when it’s over, the pain would be gone.

The other option would be to add five minutes to each class throughout the semester. This would allow for a longer break between semesters, but would force an unwanted adaptation that would linger throughout the school year.

Five minutes doesn’t seem like much, and to be honest, it isn’t.

The real adaptation won’t be the issue of the five extra minutes, but that of the scheduling shuffle that will be forced by the change. Right now classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday have 10 minutes between them. If we kept the same schedule and added five minutes to each class, that would give students only five minutes to get from class to class. Try getting from the Speed School to Strickler Hall in five minutes next time you’re on campus. If you think bicyclists ride across campus fast now, wait until they have only five minutes between classes.

Although a schedule change to accommodate extra time added to the beginning or end of classes would cause a shake up in the daily class schedule, it’s probable the university will come up with a plan that works as comfortably as possible for everyone. This option seems to be more preferred than an entire extra week that cuts into precious time students could spend relaxing or even working to earn as much money as possible before the next semester starts.

Whatever decision the university decides to make, it will require the students to adapt.

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