Department of Medicine gets high marks for 2010

By on October 4, 2011

By Valerio Rasi–

The University of Louisville Department Of Medicine has released a new report regarding the year of 2010.

The department made many advances including being awarded several research grants, controlling spending and increasing the quantity and quality of their faculty.

The current department chairman, Dr. Jesse Roman, said becoming the top academic internal medicine department in the region “would not be possible without increasing our faculty.”

The department hired 19 new employees since January 2011 as clinicians, educators and researchers, following the objective of recruiting 25 new people per year.

Communication between leadership and faculties has also been one of the key factors.

“I meet with my leadership team every week to look where we stand, to ensure that we are moving in the right direction,” Roman said. “I meet with my division chiefs every month and with faculty regularly.  I also meet with residents and students periodically.”

Roman said there is also a focus on quality – three faculty members have been awarded for lifetime achievement.

Roman wants to make sure that “more programs have a formal quality assurance and compliance program for this year.”

Another success for the department is having closed the year with no deficit.

Some students have questioned if the lack of deficit is connected to the eight-percent rise in tuition for medical students.

However, the department has received many grants in research, amounting to $30 million.

Researchers measure the distribution of the funds in dollars per square foot. This year they have received around $200 per square foot.

Eric King, freshman chemistry major, said he is “so excited about this report. Other students should know about the [Department of Medicine]’s achievement.”

He said he is going to apply to U of L Medical School along with some other colleges, “but after reading this report, I will put more effort in my application.”

Roman has set a new goal for 2015 – that the department becomes the best internal medicine department in the region.

According to Roman, the statistics show this project might be achievable.

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Photo: Nathan Gardener/The Louisville Cardinal

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