Party over here: Politicians gloss over party fouls

By on September 6, 2011

By Josh Williams–

Since the beginning of our nation, we’ve been partiers. Whether it is tea, rock and roll music or pinning the tail on the donkey, partying has been a way of life. While the political party may not have beer pong, frat guys or kegs, it’s similarly an unstable system running our country.

The political structure of parties was implemented with the intent of avoiding a single ruling idea. In other words, the political parties were to be competitive and offer other ways to govern. Under this system, America’s growing population could adequately be represented, and the nation could thrive.

When once the republicans and democrats concerned themselves only with the improvement of our nation, it now seems as if they are focused more upon their own gain. As exemplified by the recent self-voted pay raise in Congress, politicians and the political parties in general, seem to be more wrapped up within their own success and benefit than the survival of the nation they were elected to serve. This presents a problem for us because political officials are one of the few who have a say in how this country operates.

Do not mistake me for one who wishes to belittle the government or any particular political party, for that is not why I write this. I merely wish to point out that the current politicians seem to have lost their effectiveness somewhere along the line. It’s hard to argue that when the people in power within this nation take several days to decide on raising a debt ceiling and only one day to vote on their own pay raise. A problem exists.A question as to where this change occurred is debatable. A difference stands visible between the old politicians and their contemporaries.

Politicians now get paid for their services when once, they served their nation voluntarily and had another method with which to incur income. As a result, it would seem that politicians worry more about keeping their job and financial stability rather than serving as a true politician whose concern lies only with the welfare of the nation he or she serves.

Playing the name game serves little purpose when trying to solve an issue, therefore, let’s skip the titling of who is at fault in this. Instead, the citizens should take the initiative to become aware of potential faults occurring within our political structure and act appropriately. If we the people, who elected officials that are supposed to serve, do not take an active interest in what these officials do, then partying can continue within the party system.

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Illustration: Lara Kinne/The Louisville Cardinal

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