Take it from a freshman: My first day at U of L

By on August 24, 2011

From “Take it from a freshman,” a blog by Tommy McGovern.


Hello to all of the readers of The Louisville Cardinal, I’m William McGovern, a freshman at the University of Louisville (but you can call me Tommy).

I’m from Louisville, about seven miles away from campus. I graduated from Seneca High School in May of 2011.

While I was first apprehensive about moving in this fall, U of L made the move in process much easier with the Welcome Week Events to help ease the transition such as the Playfair. This activity helped me meet several individuals who I wouldn’t have normally connected with at random.

Also, the Unit Open Houses helped put classes in perspective so that my professors no longer seemed like strangers who don’t care about my education at all. The anxiety was immediately relieved the moment I arrived on campus and I believe I can speak for more than myself on that note.



Tommy McGovern is a freshman at the University of Louisville. He will be writing updates for his blog “Take it from a freshman” periodically as he goes through his first year on campus.

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