College partying misunderstood: not the expected animal house

By on August 23, 2011

By: Josh Williams

Thanks to modern media, students entering their first steps of higher education believe themselves to have an accurate picture of what college life will be like: They believe there will be scantily clad women everywhere, all of the guys will be buff jocks and the only reason class exists is to sleep off last night’s hangover.
While this exaggeration might seem a bit dramatic, numerous freshmen often enter college with expectations that are equally misrepresented due to movies, television shows and other forms of popular media. Realistic aspects of the college experience include the following: First of all, students that plan to succeed actually attend class. In many cases, the professor or instructor figures attendance into their grading policy with severe consequences for tardiness and truancy (such as automatic failure)
One would be surprised at how easy it is to get behind in class work after missing one or two classes. While depicted in movies as a place to go and pull pranks on the teacher, the classroom realistically serves as an area of focus on your college life. After all, you are here to learn. Another aspect of college life often misrepresented in movies is the amount of partying that occurs. No bright student parties every single night and day, nor is he or she branded a “nerd” in result. While the teen-humor movies focus just on this aspect, intelligent students recognize the need for balance of a time for a good social life and schoolwork. Of course, one needs to let loose and relieve themself of the stress of college. Responsible students know how to have fun with their friends while still keeping in mind that the reason they are here is to learn and train for their careers.
Do not mistake me for someone who claims the “wild party” college experience does not exist. Instead, I’m claiming that many will expect this sort of atmosphere only to discover the harsh reality that it isn’t compliant to student success. There is plenty of social fun to be had on campus, but I’ve attempted to describe what a more realistic college experience is like.
I am not attempting to scare anyone away from college. However, I do want to make many aware that college is not always how it is represented in the movies People actually attend class and the university upholds a strict policy against underage drinking. Many students are here to actually learn and advance through their life while making friends and having fun.

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