The Exit Interview

By on April 11, 2011

By Elijah Mckenzie

When the fall 2010 semester began, The Louisville Cardinal sat down with Sana Abhari to talk about her goals as Student Government Association president for the upcoming academic year.

The year has gone by quickly. With meal plan reform and improved student interaction topping the list of SGA accomplishments, Abhari’s reign as SGA president comes to a close. Looking ahead, with Kurtis Frizzell preparing to move into the role of SGA president, The Cardinal sat with Abhari once again, to reflect on the year and the efforts of her administration.

Q: Looking back, what do you feel is your greatest accomplishment as SGA president?

A: I think, as a whole, what I’m most proud of is the fact that we were able to set goals in the beginning of the year and follow through with those goals and remain active throughout the semester and continue to work on our initiatives. Even if we hit roadblocks, we never stopped. Here we are at the end of the year and we’re still working.

Q: What kind of work does SGA do during the end of the year?

A: What I try to instill in our staff is for them to not let elections take away from what we do here. What you’ll notice with a lot of administrations is that, once elections start for the next year, they kind of stop working. I didn’t want that to happen with us…Yes, we only have a month left, but we didn’t die out. And I’m very proud of that.

Q: What was the biggest obstacle your administration faced over the past year?

A: You’ll hear every administration say that their biggest challenge is communication…Our student body is composed of mostly commuters, so our biggest challenge was also communication and finding ways of connecting to students.

Q: In what way did you overcome that challenge?

A: The two biggest initiatives that this administration started was the CardCast and The Executive Report, which I believe are the biggest strengths of this administration. The Executive Report highlights the things that our staff does…The CardCast is kind of a supplement to the report in that it is directed to students who prefer a visual way of connecting to SGA.

Q: Do you believe that you’ll leave a legacy at the university once your term has ended?

A: I don’t like the word legacy…I’m not too concerned about what people associate my name with once I’m gone. What I hope for students to remember about this administration is that we had a motto and it was: “Putting students back in student government.” And I believe we really did our best to achieve that goal.

Q: Now that Kurtis Frizzell has been elected as the next SGA president, what do you hope he has learned from working with you this past year?

A: I supported Kurtis for all the right reasons. As a vice president, he was extremely independent. I never had to stop by his office to make sure he was doing his job… For me, Kurtis is the “putting students back in student government” kind of candidate.

Q: What kind of leader do you believe Kurtis will turn out to be?

A: We’ve already started our transition meeting and we’ve talked about things I’ve faced and my challenges as SGA president. One thing I know that I didn’t have to do was sit there and tell him, “Remember what your role is. Students voted for you. You are their voice.” I think it’s hard to find people who stand by what they say – that they will always be a student representative. So I know that he won’t find it hard to be the voice of students, even when there are faculty and administration around that may not see eye to eye with him.

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