Review: Jovian shines among up-and-comers

By on April 18, 2011

By Caitlin Williams

In the midst of Bieber Fever, the Lady Gaga craze, and Katy Perry topping the Billboard Hot 100, it can be easy for a city’s local underground music scene to be neglected and swept aside. Although Louisville’s music scene isn’t the most suitable for fostering up-and-coming bands, it has a population of music lovers thirsty for new, local groups.  One new, rising band in particular is hitting the ground running.

A quintet of musicians known as Jovian, hail from Louisville, Indiana and Cincinnati and have been formally playing shows since February of this year.

Their experimental rock and post-hardcore style has caught the attention of many people already, and has provided the group with a devoted and growing fan base. So strong is Jovian’s following, that is has allowed them to start out headlining at shows across town alongside bands like Walk the Moon and Louisville’s own Don Dehlia.

Jovian’s lineup consists of two vocalists, Caleb Corrill and Boogie Lesse. Lesse plays bass guitar in addition to providing vocals. The group also includes two guitarists, Colin Fien and Nick Spencer, along with Kyle Steffen on drums, giving depth to their live performances.

The members of the band all have a strong passion for their music and the art as a whole, but not without upholding a sense of humor and personal connection, which undoubtedly shines through while they are performing.

Some of the band’s largest strengths are their ability to connect with the crowd at hand and the captivating atmosphere they evoke.  

During live performances, the audience can see Corrill pumping up everyone in the venue. Viewers and band-mates alike spit positive reinforcement before vocals begin, accompanied with excited movement across the stage.

Spencer, Fien and Lesse ground the front of the stage with Spencer jamming, typically barefoot, with a pedal board of sound effects underneath. Fien and Lesse chug out bass and guitar while Lesse adds smooth melodious vocals when the time comes. Steffen secures the center, unifying the sound with powerful drumming.

With influences from notable bands like Circa Survive, Artifex Pereo, Alive in Wild Paint, and Colour Revolt, the band incorporates their love of all genres and presents a taste for everyone. Jovian’s newly released EP, “Carnivore,” takes listeners on a twisted ride touching on ambient and intense vocal stretches, heavy bass drops and indulging rhythm guitars.

“People see us and probably think they aren’t really going to get the bang for their buck,” said Lesse. “As we take the audience with us through our set though, I know we have a little bit of something that everyone wouldn’t mind hearing in all our songs. We’re not trying to pick one style and tackle it, and I feel like that’s what a lot of people expect sometimes from a band.”

Jovian has big goals ahead and there is no sign that their train of success is stopping any time soon.

“We already have been working on new material and are hoping to release a 2 to 3 song EP before this summer,” said Fien. “We’re also going on a 2 week tour along the eastern U.S. in June.”

The band’s next show is set for Friday, May 13 in Covington, KY at the Mad Hatter. Supporting the local music scene – and bands like Jovian – is one way everyone can rest assured that the music they enjoy will be kept alive and amplified.


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