James Graham Brown Foundation funds new scholarship


The James Graham Brown Foundation will provide scholarships to high-achieving students this fall.  The scholarship will be full tuition, plus a stipend, and participating students will receive unique leadership training, including a two-week trip to Panama.

The scholarships will be limited to U of L and Center College students, and the foundation will add 20 new students each year, allowing for up to 40 fellows at a time.

Qualifying students must place in the top 2 percent nationally in ACT scores, and be engaged in “leadership and personal development activities.”

Plans for student condominiums scrapped


The developer who owned two tracts of property on Floyd Street that were to become lofts and student-oriented retail has sold the properties to the University of Louisville.

Capstone Development Corp. sold 4.7 acres of land to U of L for $2.4 million.  U of L will use it as additional parking for Papa John’s Cardinal stadium events, and as additional student parking.

In 2005, Capstone announced that it was to build 134 lofts, but appears to have deemed the development financially unsound.

Capstone bought the property in 2004 for $980,000.

Criminal complaint against Pitino dropped


A complaint filed against University of Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino by Karen Sypher has been dropped by Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney David Stengel.

Sypher had recently filed her complaint with the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Sex Offenses Unit.  Stengel dropped the complaint, saying that it was “void of credibility and lacking evidence.”

Karen Sypher, the estranged wife of Pitino’s former trainer, has been indicted in federal court for the attempted extortion of Pitino.

Coach Rex Ecarma reflects on 2008-2009 season

By Andrew Hornback

After a historic 2008-2009 season for the University of Louisville men’s tennis team, which included fourteen first time accomplishments, head coach Rex Ecarma will look to challenge his team to take the next step in becoming a national tennis power next season by putting together the toughest schedule in team history.

“When you have a team that is returning its top seven players from the year before, why wouldn’t you swing for the fences? I think any coach who returns his entire starting lineup wants to increase the challenge for his team. Obviously, they met the challenge from the previous year, and if you give them the same challenge, you’re basically giving them status quo. We want to go beyond status quo. I’m an ambitious coach and my players are ambitious, and they understand what we have to do to get to the top”, Ecarma said.                   

While Ecarma’s team fell just short of their goal of winning the Big East tournament after earning the No 1 seed, he notes the many positives that the team has to take away from the season as a whole.

“You always want to do better unless you win a national championship. We wanted to get in the Sweet 16 and to win the Big East, but again, there were fourteen first ever accomplishments, we triple crowned the NCAA tournament with having a singles and doubles team make it, as well as making it as a team. Austen making it to the NCAA singles tournament for the second year in a row, and him and Simon making it to the NCAA doubles tournament two years in a row, and for the first time we had three singles and three doubles teams nationally ranked”, Ecarma said.   
Ecarma also noted that while the his team may have accomplished a lot last season, they have taken it for what it is worth and already began preparing for the upcoming year.

“They [the team] are working really hard in the weight room, on the track, and on the courts in the summer. Austen and Simon only took two days off from the end of last season. The work ethic in general of the team has gotten a lot better”, Ecarma said.

Although the 2009-10 schedule hasn’t been released yet, the Cards do know that they will participate in the Florida State regional of the 2010 ITA Men’s Kickoff Weekend.

“It’ll be an adjustment going from indoors to outdoors, so we’re going to get there early to begin practicing. Florida State lost three seniors in their starting lineup, so maybe we can sneak up on them. But we’ve never faced LSU, and they’re a top fifteen type of program. We have to go through them before we can even consider facing Florida State, but it’ll be interesting”, Ecarma said.

Another major change that will impact the Cards next season will be the moving of the Big East Tournament from South Florida, which has hosted the event every year Louisville has been a member of the Big East, to Notre Dame.

“I think it will help us, because we’re a team that can play indoors and outdoors well, and the climate is so different. It is really hot and humid by late April in Florida, but it is still kind of warm here. Going to Florida was a big change for us in the weather, and going to South Bend won’t be as dramatic as a change because the weather is similar”, Ecarma said.

Governor names three new trustees


Governor Steve Beshear named a reverend, optometrist and investment director to the University of Louisville Board of Trustees.  The three new trustees are replacements for trustees whose terms are expiring.

Reverend Kevin Crosby, the senior pastor of St. Stephen Church replaces Jessica Loving.  Optometrist Mark Lynn will replace Maria Adams.  Phoebe Wood, the director of Angel Investor, will replace Sandra Snowden.

The Board of Trustees is the primary governing body of the University of Louisville.

U of L researches find key protein to kidney disease


Three U of L researchers have helped identify a key protein in the middle of membranous nephropathy. 

The breakthrough will help the more than 60,000 Americans who suffer from the condition, where the body’s immune system attacks its own kidneys.

Dr. Jon Klein, Dr. David Powell and Tim Cummins where part of the team led by Dr. David Salant of Boston University.

The Louisville Doctors performed an analysis known as proteomics on the proteins, utilizing U of L’s Core Proteomics Laboratory and Clinical Proteomics Center, one of the few in the nation suitable for such analyses.