Letter to the editor: Showing ‘no courage’

By on March 31, 2008

By Chris Hoerter, Law Student

I took part in the “walkout” organized by Progressive Action Coalition on March 26. I take exception to the dismissive and na’ve position of The Louisville Cardinal in the editorial of March 25.

The truth is the protesters have the courage to speak out when there is a legitimate grievance affecting the entire community.

On the other hand, The Louisville Cardinal and the Student Government Association showed no courage. The SGA voted its lack of courage, deferring to the political virtue of inoffensiveness.

The Cardinal interpreted the walkout, “how can playing hooky from class be effective for the right to be in class?” By that token, if I walk my dog to a PETA rally, then the leash would signify the thwarting of Rover’s natural dignity?

PAC’s leader, Jon Free, explained the intended symbolism: The seats emptied today are a prophecy of more empty seats if the cost of education keeps soaring. Mocking those who speak out is a convenient way to mask apathy.

The Cardinal and the SGA senate may acknowledge a real debate exists, but if they don’t want this debate on their clock, or on this campus, then others will walk out and work on their behalf.

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