Student radio station, studio get makeover

By on September 25, 2006

By Lan Nguyen

Since the spring of 2005, WLCV, the University of Louisville’s student radio station, has been almost completely shut down. The station has been and is still undergoing a makeover not just physically, but structurally as well.

One major change is that the group now has an advisor, David Horar.

“The station has not had an advisor in ten years,” said Horar. “[WLCV] was playing by ear for a long time, not knowing about all the rules and bureaucracy. I don’t know anything about radio, except what I’ve learned working with the students, but I decided to become an advisor because I felt [the station] was of value to the university,” he said.

The most noteworthy change in the station, however, is the studio from where students broadcast.

“We’ve got all new equipment, including two new computers, a professional CD player, and new mikes,” said leading disc jockey, T.J. Nelson. Additionally, the studio has been repainted, and has requested local graffiti artist, Sean Griffin to come in and embellish the studio’s appearance.

Another big step for the station is a new server from which

they can broadcast shows and music online. Previously, the station was working with the SHOUTcast server, but a spot recently opened on the U of L server and was offered to WLCV.

“It’s much more secure and better than SHOUTcast. There are not so many worries about crashing and we can reach people easier,” said Nelson.

The station’s official re-opening is being prolonged due to the Internet radio portion not being completed, up, and running.

“We should just be waiting a week or two,” said Nelson. Disc jockey Eric Wiggins added, “This could be a great thing if promoted properly.”

All of the new equipment and pending Internet station provide student disc jockeys with the ability to obtain valuable experience, not just with broadcasting, but also with recording and editing.

“We’ve got something really solid for the learning process,” said Nelson. Also, students at U of L will be getting a new experience when it comes to finding out events on campus.

The station is planning to offer organizations, such as Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Activities Board (SAB) the chance to record advertisements concerning what is happening on campus.

Nelson said he is hoping to be able to incorporate advertising students who need to produce commercials for class in this plan.

Horar said, “[Nelson is] very hopeful for the students working at the station.” The station contends that it has several long-term goals that still need to be accomplished.

“Our current license allows for 200 people to listen, and it’s free because we’re a university radio station. If all goes well, then we’re looking forward to placing it on campus cable access channel 11, [where SGA announcements and such are placed], then replacing the speakers, and then obtaining a real commercial license,” said Horar.

“We’re laying the groundwork for the next group, so they can take it to the next level, which is to be an FM station. We want people to hear us on a bigger scale – all over Louisville, not just on campus,” Nelson said.

Many exciting changes have occurred to improve the station.

“We don’t want to be the black sheep anymore. With all new equipment, options are wide open for us.” said Nelson.

“We’re on our way from being a detriment to the university to being a big deal. We can actually help the university,” said Nelson.

For students interested in becoming disc jockeys, they are encouraged to apply online through the university Web site under campus life and then under WLCV.

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