Football won’t suffer without Brian Brohm

By on December 10, 2005

 Football won't suffer without Brian BrohmBy Andrew Krumme

So what does Brian Brohm’s season-ending injury mean? Nothing, really.

The Cards already have their bowl birth in the bag, and this weekend’s win over Connecticut with Hunter Cantwell at the helm was pretty meaningless.

But of course in college football these days with an L on your resume what game really means anything?

For the now Brohm-less Cards, the team proved it could go into hostile territory and beat a decent foe without their leader. It was obvious that Louisville Head Coach Bobby Petrino was limited in terms of a passing game, throwing the ball with Cantwell just 25 times to the running backs’ 42 attempts on the ground.

Looking ahead to the Gator Bowl, the Cards seem to be in decent shape despite the loss of their starting quarterback. Junior running back Michael Bush was back in business against UConn with his sixth 100-yard performance of the season, and the defense stepped up to recover four fumbles.

With Virginia Tech’s loss to Florida State in the ACC Championship, the Cards will be taking on Marcus Vick and the 10-2 Hokies in Jacksonville. Louisville will face one of the toughest defenses it has seen since it played the Hurricanes two years ago in Miami.

Bush, Smith and Stripling will see the ball at least a combined 45 times on the ground while Petrino will hope Cantwell can just play mistake-free football when he airs it out.

In the long run, Brohm’s injury really may not have much impact at all. Doctors reportedly feel he will be ready next year, and he is scheduled to have surgery in a week or so.

All things considered, the injury could not come at a better time. Sure, the average fan may ask “But, what about the Bowl game?” Regardless of the outcome of the game, both universities in the contest receive a payout, and, when it comes down to, it that’s all these schools care about: money. That’s why we still have the BCS and not a playoff system.







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