McConnell donates $10.25 million toward new medical research building

By on April 26, 2005

By Adam Collins

Sen. Mitch McConnell and university President Dr. James Ramsey announced on April 1 that the University of Louisville will be building a new health sciences research building.

At the event McConnell gave Ramsey a check for $10.25 million to show the federal funds he had secured for the project.

The $65 million project will eventually be located in downtown Louisville, and will be dedicated to the research of cancer prevention and treatment, according to John Drees, a university spokesman. Drees also said that research in other fields may also be done in the facility.

“This new facility will provide lab space to support research on cancer and other serious illnesses,” McConnell said in a statement. “It will also help bring the best scientists to Kentucky to conduct research that will yield significant dividends for the future.”

“U of L is one of the fastest-growing universities in the nation in regard to research funding,” Drees said. “We have brought in many renowned researchers in many areas, including cancer and cardiovascular research, among others. We need more space to accommodate them and their research teams. This building will give them the space and the facilities needed to further their research in areas vital to the welfare of Kentucky’s citizens.”

The remaining funds will be met through direct contribution from the university and through bonds which were authorized by the Kentucky State Legislature.


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