Joe Turner’s Come and Gone opens this week at the Playhouse

By on October 8, 2002

By Eah Bomar

> August Wilson’s play set at the turn of the century in Pittsburgh will come to life October 9-13 at the Playhouse on campus. Directed by Nefertiti Burton, the story of a mysterious stranger looking for his wife chronicles the struggle of black lifethroughout the Twentieth Century. The stranger’s sudden arrival unsettles the other members of the boarding house who call the place their home.

Shanero Clynurn plays the characer Bertha, the owner of the boarding house with her husband Seth.

“The nurturer of the play is Bertha.. She takes care of the home, physically and spiritually. Bertha always seems to haev the right words to say to people arriving at the boarding house,” Clyburn says about her character.

A staple in the character of Bertha is her homemade buscuits. Through food and caring words, Bertha gives the residents of the boarding house a home away from home.

The appeal of Joe Turner… is the fact the play deals with society issues without waivering. Race in America is dealth with through the character and their actions.

“This play deals with all the difficult issues head on. It is very symbolic and hits home,” Clyborn claims.

Th part of Berth’s husband Seth is played by Brain Jefferson.

“Seth is the type of man who doesn’t let his enviroment dictate who is,” Jefferson says of his character’s personality. “Seth is the most head strong and rooted characters of teh play. He knows what he wants out of life.”

Jefferson contributes his character’s attitude to the fact Seth’s father was born as a free man in the north. This personal aspect contasts against other characters who come from slave families of the south.

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone will run at the Playhouse from October 9-13. Tickets are available at the Thrust Theatre box office. Stay tuned for a full review of the play in bext week’s issue.

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